Psst Mlle is an intersectional feminist platform standing for more inclusion and representation in nightlife and music. We aim to create tools to support MaGe* artists and cultural workers, while paying great attention to racial and economical discriminations. With our events, we're questioning the codes of nightlife and deconstructing the dance floor. Besides, we try to tackle discrimination at its roots with our workshops, conversations and more.

Founded in 2018 by Souria Cheurfi, the platform is carried by a collective whose members have evolved and will keep evolving. The collective's current members are Andrea Nivière, Daya Hallé, Katia Lecomte, Lola Lourdes, Manal Benmalek, Mika Oki, Soumaya Abouda, Souria Cheurfi, Yasmina Tayoub and Zoé Merchez. But Psst Mlle is a open and moving community - everyone who performs or contributes to any Psst Mlle projects is basically a part of it.

Since the very beginning, Psst has always been about collaborations and (re)uniting.

Check out our Archives and Charter to have an overview of the things we've done so far.

*Marginalised Genders (women and marginalised gender identities and expressions)

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Psst MlleCharter

We invite anyone willing to work with us to agree with the charter below:


  • - A space where everyone can express themselves while respecting others.
  • - A space to share knowledge and experience.
  • - A space where we can question ourselves.
  • - A space where we deconstruct the codes established by the patriarchy.
  • - A space where we question our own codes.
  • - A space where under-represented issues are raised.
  • - A space where the invisible can express themselves.
  • - A space where party and care go hand in hand.
  • - A space where emerging and established talents are valued equally.
  • - A redefinition of the party space.
  • - And some lightness and love, too.

Psst Mlle is a space dedicated to coming together and reinventing things from scratch.


We expect from the people we interact with — audiences, institutions, venues, production teams, security staff, bartenders, technicians, and more:

  • - To welcome and interact with each other in a respectful and careful way.
  • - To make suggestions that are aligned with our values.
  • - To be willing to deconstruct, dialogue, and listen to each other in order to learn from each other.
  • - To keep an open mind and pay honest attention to racial, feminist, decolonial and LGBTQIA+ questions.
  • - To offer fair fees.
  • - To be kind and caring.

What we are looking for is real collaborations.

This charter is a work in progress, just like Psst Mlle.